Intellectual Outputs

1. Analysis of requirements for digital tools integration Didactic framework and measurement protocol

Our first deliverable consists of a didactic framework for the development and use of multimodal learning scenarios in the field of Hospitality management. This framework will aim at integrating various digital tools, including collaborative VR, serious games and mobile learning with other regular teaching and learning strategies.

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2. Pedagogical requirements and content development

The overall objective of this second deliverable is to define the pedagogical framework for the experimentation itself as well as develop the various contents to be processed using the combination of digital tools envisioned for the project. Conducted on the basis of the methodological framework and guidelines defined in the first deliverable, it comprises a thorough list of pedagogical objectives as well as topics tackled to prepare digital adaptation of training subject matters for VR use and a play-based smartphone system.

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Report on Mid-term Event in Cyprus

This is the report of our first multiplier event originally planned to take place at the premises of EUC in Nicosia, Cyprus. Unfortunately, the situation of COVID-19 as well as the consequent series of measures in many countries necessitated for the event to be transformed from physical into online. The purpose of the event was to introduce the project and its nature, to present the first results, but also, given the current crisis, to analyse the project’s significance and application during and post COVID-19 period.

You can dowload the document by clicking on the PDF logo on the side.


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