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Our first Multiplier Event organized

by the European University Cyprus

About the event

Initially intended to take place in Nicosia, Cyprus at the premises of our partner EUC, this online event aims at introducing the Hotel Academy project as well as a first analysis of requirements for the implementation of digital tools in Hospitality Management.

In addition, discussions will be held with different speakers from the hotel and tourism industry about the current challenges that the field is going through and how the use of virtual technology may come in aid. For more details, please see our programme below.

This event is free of charge and is destined to trainees of hotel and tourism management, academics and teachers in the specific fields, experts from the hotel and tourism industries as well as the general public that may show an interest in the project's themes.

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Since 15 years, André is a professional in Learning & Development committed to training and all initiatives aimed at developing skills and performance with the Academy Accor.

With operational experience in companies and learning project management, he is interested in developing the strategy for blended learning projects, from design to evaluation and facilitation (digital and face to face). See more



Clément is Manzalab Group's CEO. As a computer engineer and graduate of HEC, Clément has anticipated new uses of videogames, particularly in the field of training as a powerful learning vector. With the creation of Manzalab, he developped a recognized powerhouse based on its signature values: vision, authenticity, passion for innovation and the pleasure of working with talented people in a pleasant and fun environment. See more




Natural leader, strategic thinker, trusted, ethical, and hardworking, with broad 25-year international experience in Hotel, Hospitality, Catering and Management. He has worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa for high-profile projects of established hotel chains and has founded Rely Management Consultants in 2020, seeing the pandemic as opportunity.  See more



Julien is Manzalab Group's Pedagogical Director. He has been passionately dedicated to new organizational and learning practices for 22 years. With a PhD degree in computer science, hypermedia and digital cartography, this visionary is completely dedicated to the Web and customized training systems in e-learning, blended learning and serious games. See more




Professor of International Economics & International Management and Head of Department Tourism & Event Management at Dresden University of Applied Sciences. His research has been on the understanding of innovation networks and their effect on economic and business development. He was also Managing Director and COO of several companies related to tourism. See more


Currently Professor for Social Work Management and Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Transfer at the University of Applied Science in Dresden, Germany. Since 2012, Dr Maik Arnold is a research associate at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, United Kingdom, and research fellow at the Samvada Centre for Research Ressources, New Delhi. His research interests include Digital Education and Leadership, among others. See more and more

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Vassos is Managing Director at 24/7 Mediterranean Travel Ltd, Cyprus.  With a 40-years experience in Hospitality and Tourism industry, he has worked as Hotel General Manager, Tour Operator, Travel Agent and Consultant, in Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Product and Contracting. He holds a Master in Business Administration and Hospitality Management, among other diplomas. See more

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