Enriching the teaching and learning experience in the field of Hospitality by integrating innovative and immersive digital tools in regular practices

What we do

The objective will be to evaluate how these tools can be integrated into regular practices and interact to enrich the teaching and learning experience.


Main tools will be provided by Manzalab, including: Teemew VR, a collaborative VR tool, and Teemew Mobile, a micro learning mobile application.

The Hotel Academy Project aims at conceiving and testing an integrated set of tools and pedagogical modalities based on the most advanced immersive interactive tools and pedagogical practice for the benefit of Vocational Education and Training for the Hospitality industry.


Work program


Manzalab is a French SME

dedicated to the development of immersive experiences for training and communication.


MBA ESG is the most recognised Hospitality training program in Paris.

European University Cyprus is a prominent University with a specific Hospitality training program.

Fachhochschule Dresden

is a German state approved

University holding a Tourism and event management specialised program.


Digital interactive tools


Distant collaborative classroom in virtual reality


Play-based personal micro-learning system on mobile phone